GittieLabs builds mobile and web applications.  From financial services to gaming apps, we have worked in a wide variety of industries. Our experience builds from project to project, and the years we have put into creating custom software melds seamlessly with our love for the cutting edge.

To stay on top of solid computer engineering, you need a team of solid people. Rockstar developers and designers build apps that rock. We are always searching for people and partners who can further our knowledge, work, and selves.  To us, everything we build is a reflection of our very being. This is our chosen craft, and it's personal. We are craftsmen creating one of a kind works of art.

Our Approach

Our secret sauce is simple and straightforward.  Adopt Agile, write solid code, and over communicate with our clients to avoid surprises. 

Agile focused

It all starts with a firm grasp of your business needs and current project state. We live Agile development (an incremental software development methodology) and will either fit into your Agile process or bring our Agile process to your project depending on your needs.  It's important because it works.  We keep everyone involved to ensure we there is an immediate feedback loop and to avoid timeline panic attacks and all night coding sessions on the weekends.  An informed project manager sleeps well.  And we know you need your sleep!

Quality Development

Without quality standard, you just a ticking time bomb that will explode when you can least afford for it to happen.  We pride ourselves in developing solid, tested code.  It's worth the effort upfront to get it done right.  No one wants to deal with bugs late in the process when the tipping point feature that goes in.

We're In This Together

We want to be apart of the team.  Don't think of us as just consultants.  Instead, think of us as your "play cousin" or a member of the family.  Our goal is to exceed expectations and deliver.  When you're needs change, we're flexible and adaptable.  Change is a fact of life.  As is preference.  If you need to change the things because they aren't working.  Let us know.  We truly want to see your project succeed whether we are part of it or are transitioning off. The goal is build great software.

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