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GittieLabs works with clients to fill their critical engineering gaps by assisting in the completion of their software development projects. We are not a recruiting firm. We are your partner in staffing and software success. We don't place developers and leave. We are with you until the project is completed to your satisfaction. We developed a model that works in this ever-changing world of software development, and we are trusted by companies and engineers to deliver expert teams.

We specialize in finding the best remote software developers to join us and work on our shared goal of making amazing software for our clients. Yes, we are a 100% remote company, delivering professional-grade software development services across the nation. Our developers are US-based engineers who uphold flexible arrangements throughout the day opposed to commuting into dedicated client and employer office spaces. The results are truly amazing. We have very happy and productive developers that satisfy and exceed client expectations.

Our mission is to solve top of mind problems for extraordinary companies using exceptionally talented developers. We are a firm that does not take short-cuts and will work tirelessly until we reach customer satisfaction.

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The future of work has changed forever due to COVID-19. We are entering an era where remote work delivered using 1099 contractors and W2 employees will become widely accepted. Even if the virus is held in check in the next few weeks, the damage has already been done. Remote work is here to stay and we are all being forced to re-evaluate how to be productive and collaborative in this new world.

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If it's not wildly evident by now, existing barriers to full remote work are being broken down and the ripples are being carried out everywhere. Businesses are going to start to forego having large offices and instead allow their workforces to work wherever is convenient to them. Eliminating the office expense will free up capital to provide tools and opportunities for companies to connect with their employees in new and previously unrealistically ways. Home offices will be a very real thing.

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Our Leadership

GittieLabs was founded by Keith Elliott in 2012 and setup to serve startups in need of senior leadership to get projects back on track. Since the start of GittieLabs, Keith has undertaken every project with a focus on quality work that solves real problems. Collectively, the leadership team has faced the ups and downs of changing economies and marketplaces. We continue to survive because we don't sacrifice the basics: integrity, character, and work ethic.

At its core, GittieLabs has a developer's mentality. We want and need to solve problems with code. We want to build a better world for all of us. One line of code at a time.

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