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The Academy by GittieLabs is the teaching arm of the company.  We created the Academy to teach introductory courses in programming topics to students ranging from grade school to adults considering a career change.  We offer engaging coach/mentor led courses to teach you the basics of programming and to help learn to apply concepts in real life problems.

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Python Basics

Python Basics is a 8-week coach led course designed to teach you the basics to programming with Python 3x. There are no pre-requisites for this class in terms of programming experience.  You will need a computer that you can install and run Python 3.7+ programs on.  This could be a Mac, PC, or even a Raspberry Pi. The goal of this course is to take you from zero to hero in 8 weeks!  We will cover all of the topics that you are likely to need at the beginning stages in a programming career. 

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