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The Academy by GittieLabs is the teaching arm of the company.  We created the Academy to teach introductory courses in programming topics to students ranging from grade school to adults considering a career change.  We offer engaging coach/mentor led courses to teach you the basics of programming and to help learn to apply concepts in real life problems.

Technology Mentorship Program

Are you a student or parent looking to mentorship for technology careers? GittieLabs is pleased to announce a new initiative to provide one-on-one and group mentorship to students in middle, high school, and college. We will devise an individualized learning path tailored to interests we collectively identify. Our goal is to open pathways to opportunities you may not know exists and to challenge you to get on a learning path to take advantage of them. Due to our current environment, our sessions will be remote using screen sharing and video calls as we motivate students to learn more about lucrative careers in technology. We challenge our students with outside assignments to re-enforce key concepts and material we over in our sessions. Each session will be led by our Founder, Keith Elliott, who has more than 20+ years in technology roles ranging from developer to senior technology positions in startups, mid-sized, and large companies. The untold secret in technology is that you have to be exposed to technology by "doers" in order to truly appreciate what's possible. If you have an interest in technology but don't know where to start, then this mentorship opportunity could be the program that jump starts a career in technology.

Structure of the Program

Our mentorship program is setup to be a 4-week program that meets 1-2x per week for 1-hour sessions. Each session will be led by our founder, Keith Elliott. We will have discussions on technology topics and dive into topics that are of interest to the students. All sessions will use video conferencing and screen sharing for presentations and demos. At the conclusion of the 4 week program, we offer optional additional sessions, which would meet one time per week or every other week as needed by the student to complete short or long term objectives. We hope you will consider joining us for our program. If you have any questions, please use our contact form to reach out to us with your questions or to arrange a time for us to speak with you.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the program is to introduce the student to technology careers, outlining ways to get started now and learning paths to reach objectives. We don't expect students to have a clear understanding of what is possible on day 1. Our job is to provide an introduction of these rewarding and high-paying careers that could be missed opportunities by unprepared students. The key to technology career success is to have a strong base and a mentor that can help you navigate the options available. It's crucial that you start building a foundation now so that you can understand what you need to learn to successfully get a job later or even start a company of your own. We will develop an individualized plan for each student and hopefully ignite their imaginations into what could be possible with a knowledge of technology.

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Python Basics

Python Basics is a 8-week coach led course designed to teach you the basics to programming with Python 3x. There are no pre-requisites for this class in terms of programming experience.  You will need a computer that you can install and run Python 3.7+ programs on.  This could be a Mac, PC, or even a Raspberry Pi. The goal of this course is to take you from zero to hero in 8 weeks!  We will cover all of the topics that you are likely to need at the beginning stages in a programming career. 

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