Our Competitive Advantage

As a remote work company, GittieLabs focuses on the relationship and trust aspects of business. We partner with clients using a relationship driven perspective over a transactional one. That means that we strive for shared successes (Win/Win) in each engagement. We are a company of engineers and technologists that are problem solvers at our core. Software development is our passion, so we ensure you that using a recruiter will not match our experience or drive.

  • We focus on the relationship, not the transaction.

    We are the type of firm that thinks about how we can help our clients today, tomorrow, and into the future. We don't place an artisan, move on to the next transaction, and hope things work out for the client. We are active participants with your team members, and we work hard to identify the gaps you could be overlooking. In order to do that, we have to build a trust between the client and us, which derives from hours spent on a project and progress met efficiently opposed to an expensive lunch.

  • Our senior levels of our firm average 20+ years of technology and leadership.

    We have very seasoned engineers at our disposal when a project is in need. We also provide our artisans with all-day senior level guidance when needed, so they can discuss the client's issues and receive advice on how to create solutions that are practical and cost effective. If the project needs a junior engineer, we can do that too. Again, we support each artisan on a project with technical oversight. Therefore, we feel confident that we can find the right person for the project while also not making the engineer's seniority level the only factor in our staffing decisions.

  • We have been directly involved with launching companies as well as streamlining engineering teams for very large companies.

    As we help our clients complete projects, we are sharpening ourselves for the next engagement. We have worked on small and large enterprises. For startups, we understand that mantra "ship at all costs" and that it pressures employees to execute. We know that startups are just ventures searching for a business model that the market accepts. Speed counts along with being able to adapt to rapid change, and we, at GittieLabs, love those types of projects and welcome the challenge.

    We also have the skills to assess an existing development team. We can make recommendations and fill in the gaps. If you have relied exclusively on contractors in the past, you should to consider the switch. There may be ways we can help derailed projects get back on track and manage the team of contractors more efficiently than you are currently.

  • We evaluate technology talent better than recruiters because we are developers ourselves.

    Hiring the right developers for a project is so important. We invest the appropriate amount of time in order to get it right from the beginning. It only takes one hiring error to delay a project for months and create morale problems with the rest of the development team. We can help with making sure you have the right members on the team. Our process for evaluation is solid and has proven results.

We lead from the front. We provide our insights and recommendations only after we thoroughly understand our client's needs and goals. We won't be the right fit for everyone. But for those we can help, we will fight to win that right to serve our clients. We truly are invested in our clients success.

- Keith Elliott, Managing Partner and CEO, GittieLabs

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