Frequently Asked Questions

How much does all of this cost?

We tailor our developer costs based US market rates. There is not predetermined rate. As we evaluate which member(s) are appropriate for your team, we determine costs for the developer. Our prices are directly in line with the costs of hiring a full time developer in-house.

Who owns the code from a project?

Our client always owns the code that we work on. Clients can consider our developers as an extension of your team. The company owns the code that the team develops.

How do you price your engagement?

We don't charge anything for helping with the project assessment or building out the development team. Our costs are embedded in our developer rates. Our rates are in line with US developer market rates plus overhead. There are no additional fees.

Will you have developers work on site?

No. Our developers are most productive when given the freedom of location to complete their work. Our clients use a variety of tools to stay connected and on the same page with our developers. Whether that is Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or other tools, we guarantee that we will stay connected and reach out with you and your development team.

What kinds of projects do you work on?

We work with large companies on new project initiatives and startups. We also do the spectrum work in between those stages. We contribute to projects in mobile development (native or hybrid), web application development ( just name the stack!), big data, machine learning and far more.

Why should I hire remote developers?

You should absolutely be open to remote development work. Our company's value is based on our astounding productivity and not by the hours worked. When you need to have developers on site for software development projects, we ask that you value our employee's productivity over the hours spent in your office. If you are satisfied with the work a developer is producing, location should not play a major factor. All of our developers are in the US and embrace being judge on the merits of their productivity.

Another valuable reason for supporting remote developers is that it allows companies to reach the best engineers in the US without limiting themselves to local professionals. Instead of only searching within reasonable commuting distances of your office(s), you can search the entire nation.

How are we different than recruiting firms and digital agencies?

Recruiting agencies simply supply employees for openings and leave once the developer has been placed. It is a short termed transaction. Digital agencies focus on staffing their engagements with whoever is available. You might get an expert or you might get someone who happens to be available. Instead, we build teams for our clients. We provide developers that will fit your company's mold because even though we are remote we truly focus on relationships built between our two companies. We construct longterm connections, and we are always looking out for our clients.

How does GittieLabs evaluate talent?

Our senior leadership team have worked an average of 20 years in different technology and leadership roles. We have seen a lot of developers in our time and are highly proficient at evaluating them. We have an entire section dedicated to our methodology. You can read all about how we assess here.