How GittieLabs Views Our Talent

We are a service company. We deliver development and technology leadership services to our clients. Our people and their amazing talent are what make this company a success. Finding the absolute best people out there to represent who we are to our clients is the biggest priority.  

We are committed to ensuring each person we add meets our stringent criteria for integrity, character, professionalism. We want engineers who we do not have to micromanage. We look for people who are self-starters and who actively seek ways to make our clients' projects better.  

Our developers are our rockstars! They are the reason we can do what we do for our clients. The compensation we provide is our largest expense, and operating 100% virtually allows for more revenue to go to our hard workers.  

When one of our people begin a new client project, we want them to feel confident that they can solve those problems. Our engineers can always rely on our support network. We encourage all Artisans to take advantage of and consult with the internal team when there is an obstacle they have not seen before. We as a company are supportive of the rough patches and the victories no matter the size.  

To sum up our operation, we look for people that are technically capable and can also exhibit the qualities that will allow them to thrive under our company’s principles.

How We Assess an Artisan

We consider each of the technical resources that we hire as an Artisan. An artisan is a worker that is skilled in a trade that has become their profession. Our developers are craftsmen that love technology and software development. They take pride in our craft and have self selected to excel at creating the software that powers our companies and the word around us.

Before we hire an artisan, we thoroughly vet them to ensure that they have demonstrably skills today and a track record of continued learning so that they are just as skilled tomorrow with the new technologies that emerge. We also assess the person. Each artisan needs to internalize our values and core beliefs as it relates to the work we do for our clients and with each other.

Here is the process that every candidate must pass to be an artisan in our shop.

  1. Technical Review of the Candidates' Credentials

    We review resumes and code posted on social outlets such as GitHub and Stackoverflow. We will review any supporting technical information and projects that are provided as supplementary works to show technical mastery. If a candidate is just a few years out of school, we will review transcripts and test scores.

  2. Technical Assessment

    Every candidate must demonstrate that he/she has a firm grasp on the technologies in the applicants area. We use timed tests and applicant projects to assess these areas. We also have the candidate perform live coding excersizes as a way to interactively work with the candidate to solve a problem and to understand how he/she approaches a problem.

  3. Character Assessment

    We give each of our candidates a personality assessment and a character assessment. We are looking for the qualities that would make him/her a great teammate and client leader. We look to gain an understanding of what makes the candidate tick and how each of us needs to interact with him/her for shared success.

  4. Senior Management Conversation

    Our final step to our process is a discussion with a senior leader. We want to get to know the candidate and to lay the foundation of an open door policy for two way communication. Our artisans are on the front lines with our clients on a day-to-day and it's important that each one can keep each of our senior leaders informed so that we can help provide direction. At this point, we are at the polishing stage of the assessment. A candidate is also demonstrating that they can interact respectfully with all levels of our client's leadership.

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