Applications are closed for our Summer 2020 class

Thank you to all that applied for our Summer 2020 internship class. At this time, we are no longer accepting applications. We encourage you to look out for announcements to join our next class! We had an overwhelming response to our class and we can't wait to see the amazing product that they create.

The Internship

Are you a recent graduate looking for a challenge that will improve your development with a hands-on project and mentorship from industry professionals? If so, keep reading.  GittieLabs is looking for interns to contribute to a mobile app project with an initial release date of late Spring.  The concept is to build a mobile project using interns as the developers to provide an environment similar to startups and other companies.  We will teach you skills needed to survive in your first professional developer role and offer you with a collaborative project that can be used to showcase in future interviews.

We plan to select 5 developers to build the first version of the app. The project will consist of 3 apps: an iOS app, an Android app, and a shared backend written in Python.  We will open-source the project so that you can share your contributions with employers, engineering managers and anyone else that might find it valuable. Working on our collaborative project will give you exposure to other developer working styles, pair programming, code reviews, and the Agile methodology.  The commitment we ask from your end is to do your best work.  This project has a deadline and requirements that we will jointly decide with the project launch.  You are expected to provide 15-20 hours a week which includes: a daily standup, sprint ceremonies, pair programming, and code reviews.  We don’t expect you to know it all.  This will be a learning experience that will have opportunities for you to not only work with the other members of the development team but to also have access to senior technology professionals to support you throughout our journey.

Intern Positions

We are looking for developers with strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and an ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment. If you are interested in apply, send us your resume along with a message on why you are excited about working on this project.

iOS Developer

We are looking for junior developers that have the fundamentals of building an iPhone app with 1-3 years of experience. This position requires experience working with Swift, REST APIs using JSON, and Git.

Android Developer

We are looking for junior developers that understand the fundamentals of building an Android app with 1-3 years of experience. This position requires experience working with Java and/or Kotlin, REST APIs using JSON, and Git.

Backend Developer

We are looking for junior developers that have experience creating webservices in Python using Django or Flask, SQL using MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres or other relational DBs, and Git.  Experience deploying your webservices using Docker and CI/CD tools are plus but aren’t required.

The App

We will build a relationship tool for couples to use on their iPhone and Android devices.  We will use native technologies (Swift, Java, Kotlin, Python) to build each app and deliver them to each respective AppStore.

We will create requirements, design, and a project timeline together. The mobile app and backend services will be entirely developed by the team with oversight from senior level industry professionals. Areas we will explore include: Agile scrum, peer code reviews, pair programming, unit testing, and app deployments.

This will be an exciting project with an emphasis on preparing junior developers for their next role as a professional developer!