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We love solving complex technology problems. We have been solving them since the late 1990s. While we may not have seen it all, we've seen more than our fair share of what companies like yours are facing. We're confident that we can help you get your next project done on time and within budget.

Who we are

We Play To Win

We have spent our careers solving technology problems. We have worked across multiple industries leading organizations, developing rock solid applications, and enjoying the ride to the top in our chosen craft.

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What We Offer

We Build Cool Software

At our core, we love software. We are experts in mobile and web development.  We can take your project from idea to production and beyond. Native or hybrid. We can talk you through the tradeoffs of using either.

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How We Work

We Honor The Process

Software can be complicated to build. However, with the right partner, any project can be done. We have developed a process to guarantee your project's success. Let's talk about how the process can work for you.

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Who We Are

We Play To Win

GittieLabs was formed to build great software. We self selected to work in software and view ourselves as craftsmen architecting masterpieces and delivering products that solve real business problems. Unlike other development shops and consulting firms, we just care about building quality projects. We aren't "gloryhounds" seeking to see our name in lights. On the contrary, we roll up our sleeves and just do the work.

What you will quickly notice about our people is our dedication to our clients' success. What you won't find are egos and bravado. That's right. No client logos for the projects we work on. No requests from our marketing team asking for permission to post your company's logo on our website for past and current work. Instead, you get a humble and hungry group of developers and designers that relentlessly seek opportunities to challenge ourselves and to win. You also won't find a bunch of sales reps attempting to sell you on projects for which they can't actually deliver. That's not our style.

Our founder believes that our experience and talent win the day. We think you should have a conversation with the technical leads and architects that will work on your project. Seriously, can you really trust that a sales guy can really understand your company's technical issues and be able to provide you an estimate to complete?

What we offer

We Build Cool Software

Mobile or web, we have done it all. We are passionate experts in software development and we have built some really cool things. You won't see a wall of our clients or the images of the apps we've done. It's just not our style to brag and beat our chests. However, we encourage you to have a conversation with us. We promise to impress you and leave you satisfied with our expertise and credentials. We have worked with some really cool companies that represent many industries.

We solve complex technical problems everyday. It's what we do. So trust us when we say that we can help you with your next project. The earlier you bring us into a project, the more money you will save. It's that simple. We have seen it all and can advise you on how to avoid the pitfalls that other companies have faced. Even if you aren't sure of all the details, you should still talk to us. We can help you define or refine your ideas and project goals to ensure you can be successful.

Mobile Apps

  • Native iOS, Android or both
  • Hybrid Apps - Cordova Based (Ionic, Html/JS/CSS)
  • NativeScript / React Native
  • Mobile CI/CD Pipeline

Web Applications

  • Angular JS, React, Vue
  • Microservices
  • Responsive Design, Adaptive Design
  • CI/CD Pipelines

Tech Leadership

  • Launch a team - interviewing, hiring, on-boarding
  • Skill assessments for current development team
  • Project feasibility assessments

Innovation Lab

  • Proof of concepts for mobile and web projects
  • Custom pilots to test market acceptance
  • Business case support projects
How we Work

We Honor the Process

We've been in your shoes. You have a project, budget, and deadline. The pressure is real and the expectations are high. And while no two projects are exactly the same, we can tell you with confidence that our approach to delivering is based on a proven process that works. We know you understand your business but that you might have some hesitation on undertaking a mobile or web application. We get that and we can help.

No matter where you are in the process, we can guide you the rest of the way to ensure a successful launch. Our team members have been building successful mobile and web applications since the late 1990s. We understand what's required and work extremely hard to make sure every project exceeds expectations and successfully launches.

Meet The Founder

Keith Elliott

Founding Partner
Keith Elliott is passionate entrepreneur that lives for building software. He has spent over 18 years working with startups, mid-sized and large companies. His experience spans Telecom, Financial Services, and Healthcare. Keith has never met a project that he didn't feel he could add value to and lives for the opportunity to become the go-to guy on your project. Keith is driven by a need to solve technical problems and to lead high performing teams.

Keith founded GittieLabs to make great software and to provide an example of success not measured solely on revenue. He wants to prove to the world that companies can be successful by valuing their employees and clients. As a Christian, Keith wants his values to shine through as he leads the company. GittieLabs was founded on the principles of respect for others, integrity and a never quit, always push forward work ethic. We relentlessly pursue excellence without cutting corners or making excuses. While this isn't the popular view of running a company, it's precisely why GittieLabs was formed. GittieLabs wants to address and destroy common stereotypes, biases, and unspoken rules that run throughout tech companies. Whether it's a bias against minorities, women, or sexual orientation, GittieLabs leads with our work to breakdown barriers and to demonstrate that acting and being different is not a bad thing.

Keith graduated with undergraduate degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology (Computer Engineering) and MoreHouse (general science). He also has an MBA from Columbia Business School. When Keith isn't discussing software problems with a client, you can find him riding his motorcycles and spending time with his wife and 5 kids.

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